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Try before you buy

Want to try studying at “Pro-Bezopasnost”? You are welcome.

Here are the conditions under which we offer test-training:

For your company, it’s either free or at a significantly lowered price. (There might be travel expenses for our staff, we always discuss it upfront.)

To theoretical and further practical lessons are admitted your employees in charge of making decisions whether or not such training is necessary, or their representatives.

Not more than 5 persons can participate.

These individuals must be employees of your company. No contractors or partners please.

These should be employees whose job requires such training. No accountants or coordinators or company fleet managers please.

The Certificate is not provided at the end of the training.

No photo, audio or video shooting please.

If you are interested in holding a test-training for your employees, please contact our headquarters in Moscow.
We will be happy to assist.

Kind regards,
“Pro-Bezopasnost” staff

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