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Drivers recruitment and outsourcing

I. Driver recruitment

    We offer a driver of choice to our customers. All our drivers have passed a multi-step selection system:

1. Interviewed by a drivers recruitment specialist (including data on driving violations over the past two years).

2. Driving test to assess their professional skills.

3. Defensive driving skills test (city conditions).

4. Trained in Defensive Driving and Driving in difficult road conditions (our signature trainings that significantly lower the accident rate).

All data is provided to the customer as questionnaires and conclusions based on the test and driving results.

Having recruited the driver, our company can (and recommends to) hold quarterly tests for the driver to expert-analyze his safety and professionalism levels.

Our approach to driving staff recruitment is based, first of all, on how safely and reliably the drivers perform their job tasks. We consider very important to supply our customers with dependable, responsible persons, drivers you can rely upon and trust with your safety.

II. Driver outsourcing

Having recruited a driver for our customer, we are happy to offer our drivers outsourcing services. The company “Pro-Bezopasnost” has developed a method of drivers outsourcing, allowing our customers to get the following advantages:

•    Access to a vast database of professional drivers (500+ individuals);

•    Free recruitment of driver(s), based on the drivers salary budget;

•    Further development of such employee in all our trainings;

•    Employee consulting during their work, training them in peculiarities of driving, operating and daily maintaining the vehicle entrusted to them, quarterly testing;

•    We can quickly replace the driver, if needed;

•    We can easily substitute a driver (only takes one day);

•    Less paperwork — one invoice once per month (the driver’s salary + commission);

•    Daily performance record;

•    Providing company SIM card for mobile communication, with a limit set by the customer;

•    Annual medical examination.

Our company’s commission for the provision of such service is 23,000 rubles per month (VAT excluded). The drivers are recruited on the basis of the salary budget. The cash is transferred as a joint payment (driver’s salary + service commission).

Upon customer’s request, our company will keep fuel consumption record by providing a fuel card to the driver. The fuel payment shall also be included as part of the joint payment for our service.

Using our company’s outsourcing, you receive all the above mentioned advantages together with a highly skilled, reliable and constantly self-improving staff professionally recruited for your needs.

We will be happy to provide our qualified and on-hand service, looking forward to working with you!

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