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Driving in difficult traffic conditions

Training objective: demonstrate the edge of danger which cannot be crossed, equal the driver’s self-esteem and their actual level of driving mastery, introduce them to car’s various behavior scenarios on slippery road.

Training tasks: change the students’ attitude to safety issues, motivate them to cautious behavior when driving corporate or their own vehicles in winter; lower the safety-and-reliability influencing difference between the two behavior standards of an employee: when performing his or her job functions and when driving their own car; reveal the dangerous reflexes when driving on a winter road; show simple ways of avoiding dangerous situations when car control can be lost.

The theoretical includes:
• analysis of the accrued experience of typical behavior models on slippery roads (drivers with a vast driving experience),
• recommendations and instructions on winter driving,
• a choice of means to prevent critical situations and reduce danger levels, analysis of making decisions to choose the driving parameters in difficult weather conditions.

The theoretical includes tests, videos, printed handouts and learning aids.

Practice includes:
Driving range exercises on a slippery surface. At the driving range, the students learn new behavior scenarios of any car when accelerating, maneuvering before an obstacle, braking straight and braking during coming into corner.
• Acceleration on slippery roads.
• Braking on slippery or mixed surface.
• Rutting and off-rutting.
• Wheels sliding onto the ground and bringing the car back on the road.
• Car and/or trailer behavior during sudden maneuvers, obstacle avoidance or coming into corner.


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