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RTA review and analysis

Once you meet with an accident, you are most likely interested in what was done wrong or what simply was not done to prevent this unpleasant situation. Although you might not be interested in either, but then what lessons will your learn for your own safety in the future?!

To understand the mechanisms and key causes behind any RTA, we do a thorough analysis of what was going on with the car 12–15 seconds before the crash, as well as the driver’s emotional condition for the past 30 minutes before the crash. This is how the final tens of seconds bring about an investigation that takes hours, sometimes even days.

During this small investigation, we establish how the cars were moving, where their drivers were watching, which potential obstacles could appear before each driver prior to crash, and what the RTA participants did immediately after the crash.

Most Russians believe that RTA review should demonstrate who the causer of the accident was. In our articles and training materials we underline and keep saying that such approach is quite harmful. See for yourself: once you find out who the causer was, you are most likely to leave it at that. But this is not enough to prevent similar situations in the future. And we do mean similar, not same as the one that’s already happened.

When we review RTAs, we could just consult you on the guilt of this or that party, as well as Driving Regulations nuances applicable in your situation. However, we offer you much more.
Find out what actions and conclusions led to the crash! As a rule, crashes are caused by three things: action, lack of action, and incorrect conclusions. Come to us, and we will help you clarify any RTA. We will ask a few questions to the RTA participant(s), find out what the witnesses saw (if they’re with you) and draw a diagram showing key points. Our analysis will be action-based rather that Driving Regulations based. This means that it is completely different from the Traffic Inspection report showing who is to blame; it is a description of the sequence of actions and key causes of the RTA. Later, having understood there reasons, you can start your kaizen (“continuous improvement” in Japanese).

There’s one more thing we’d like to point out. We are definitely not making RTA reviews for court determination of innocence: we do not yet have a license for that. Today, we review RTAs from the point of view of the actions, not law compliance. To control law compliance and uphold interests at court, there are many other companies — international as well as local.
We hope you bear with us for this last paragraph. No hard feelings please!

Wishing you well and safe driving!

Kind regards,
Dmitry Budakvenko,
Director General, “Pro-Bezopasnost”.

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