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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the set of values we appreciate and follow. These are the rules and norms of behavior strictly obligatory for every employee in our company. These are our ethical, moral and value goalposts.

     The corporate culture of “Pro-Bezopasnost” is based on the underlying principles as follow:

...in Branding
     Creating a brand, we take a jet aircraft as an example. When it's at high altitude, we can't see it. However, the beautiful trace it has made remains in the sky for a long time for lots of people to admire. Same as aircraft, we don't put ourselves in the forefront. We think about the traces staying in the hearts of others as the result of our words, actions, relations, jobs done. Less media hype, more palpable support to the companies and their car parks!
     In each situation, solving every task or problem, we behave in such a way so that we could execute the principle, "Everyone dealing with us should fall in love with our training institution". We don't simply sell our services “automatically”. We sell service-and-care!

...in Strategy
     We are guided by the principle, "Time is a tree which yields fruit, whether we want it or not". Here is the conclusion: threats to our training center occur every day and every hour when we are not evolving. Every employee who works and avoids evolving carries threat to our institution.

...in Marketing
     To each customer, we give what they consider the most precious. We don't try and impose just what we have today or what we can do today.

...in Values
     We do realize how important our company’s financial stability is, so that we can keep our financial obligations to our employees, customers and partners at any time. However, at the same time we understand that money is not the most important thing in our business. It’s not the profit that matters! What matters is the customer’s feeling about us! Our profit is the applause we get for our attitude to people and our care about them.
However, the care about people would only be avowal if we don't evolve every day, every month and every year. That's why the most valuable employee is one who can't live “outside” evolution, same as fish can't live outside the water.
The main value of our training institution is assertive evolution. Daily.
Evolution is task number one in our school.

...in Relationship
     We do realize that our business is educational, but we also understand that our business should be based on human relations, not sales and purchase. You can receive educational certificates and knowledge in other educational institutions; here, customers should get an exclusive attitude to them, their difficulties, their ideas and objectives.
     We remember that customers pay for is not goods or services! What they pay for are the feelings they hope to feel after they purchase goods or services. We must try our best to let them feel what they expected. We must always meet their expectations.
     "Help us get better!" is one of the slogans we use to build our relationship with seminars and educational courses students, our partners and our followers. We consider every critique as a helping hand from a friend, as a sincere desire to help us get better, as empathy for us. We sincerely appreciate every little advice and feedback in any form it’s given.
     We aim to establish stable emotional relationship with our customers. That's why we hire only persons who can smile a lot with a good cheer. The sincere laugh is a sine qua non of a healthy work environment. We don't want serious and gloomy concentration! We want an environment filled with feelings of warmth, holiday and success!
     We discover what attracts people in our relationships, and try to intensify these factors. We are constantly eliminating those repelling our customers.
     If we make a mistake, we apologize without any excuses! We react quickly, kindly, and we are anxious to please you!
     Our goal is to pay a lot of attention to details. What seems nothing to us can be a big deal for our customer. Attention to detail makes our business successful. And success is definitely not a small thing!

...in Ensuring Competitive Advantage
     We don't look around to find competitors to struggle with. We are looking around to find new ideas and technologies that can support us.
     We don't look for competitors among training institutions, as we know that we may be destroyed anytime by enemies much scarier than competitors. These are our own indifference to customers, their problems and values; our desire to sell our service cheaper playing dumping. Or, lack of aspiration for constant self-improvement. Or, the tendency to live the way we’re used to, the way we feel comfortable. These are the things we fight aggressively and ruthlessly!

...in Work Management in “Pro-Bezopasnost”
     The evolution has a start but has no finish! We like progress! We can't live in the environment of depression! Our evolution is daily!
     Our employees are people with winner’s brains. We are the winners of problems! There is no such problem or task we couldn't solve! The solution of every problem is only a matter of time and effort for us!
     If the fruits of your job don't excite any intentional feelings, why would you need the fruits?! We build our job the way we can enjoy it, but at the same time we are constantly trying to know to which degree others can be pleased by the fruits of our job.

...in Performance Measurement
     The success indicator for us is not that we don't have any problems left (since problems never disappear completely), but the fact that our problems in the current year are not the same as those of the past year!

...in Personnel Policy
     We hire our employees in accordance with our values and train them to gain proficiency. We don't ask, "What if we train employees and then they leave?" We ask, "What if we don't train employees and then they stay?"
     Our Mission, Vision and Corporate Culture do matter, but what’s more important is how they can be embodied in the thoughts and actions of every employee.
     We don't hire employees who don't understand or don't share the principles of our corporate culture.
     We fire employees who break these principles.

The Strategy of Building the Company around the Customer
     The aim of the strategy is to prevent those vicious situations when the company declares cliches such as "The customer is the boss" or "The customer is always right", but eventually nobody researches on consumers’ suggestions and requests.
     We don't have the right to declare that we move towards the customer, but actually waste effort only to convince the customer that our services is what they is looking for.
     The goal of our strategy is to place the customer in the centre of the business model, so as to build the business model of “Pro-Bezopasnost” around the customer.
     We have to understand that we have only one manager, and it’s the Customer. He or she can fire any employee of our training institution: from director to secretary to manager. How can they do that? Simply by spending their money at a different company.
     To implement the strategy, we structure the work of “Pro-Bezopasnost” along the principle known as "outside-in".
     It means that the activity arrangement of “Pro-Bezopasnost” should start from the customer. Our students form the goals and the development direction for us. They point out where we should move further, what we must improve, what direction we should take, and what effort to apply for that.
     Whenever our activities are not put in action by the customers, we'll most likely find ourselves in a tough situation.
     The strategy is not a come-and-go manner. It should be conducted daily as opposed to from time to time. Not by come-and-go people, but by specially appointed employees. Not any way will do, but according to plan.
     Below we specify what sets we take to implement our strategy:
— building up the four-level structure of the education;

— organizing the hotline "Customers Speak" and set the customer department to satisfy the customers’ requests;

— involving our customers in new educational products development at early stages.

The Strategy of Building the Company with Self-Education
     The goal of the strategy is to create the educational institution which teach itself in the first place, and only then teaches others.
     The process of constant self-education should ensure the transformation of Pro-Bezopasnost into the company, where new ideas are created on different levels, permanently and in large quantities.

The Strategy of Proactive Management
     Proactive management denotes the ability to foresee the course of events and always stay on the top of the wave. We don't push pens and don't set meaningless ambitious goals. We determine precise priorities and encourage those who can put up definite goals and choose the most efficient way to achieve them.
     What do we do to implement this strategy?
     First of all, we choose employees able to visualize the future and induce others to make it happen. Descry the future! Foresee the future! These are the main tasks for our company’s progress lovers and all our employees. We must clearly understand where the industry is going to be in five to ten years and who will be its leader!
     Secondly, we invest money in future, carrying out experiments with new educational products.
     Thirdly, a part of our daily operation is devoted to developing teams, processes, educational products ahead of our time.

The Strategy of Cooperation without Barriers
     By cooperation without barriers we mean a structure of relations inside our company eliminating all barriers interfering with the movement of ideas and interaction in all directions inside the company. Whenever someone is flashed with idea, it is immediately spread to all departments, and everyone can take part in its design, development and implementation.


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